Summer of Love 2017: Remixed

Fifty years ago, in 1967, some 100,000 hippies came together in Haight-Ashbury for the famed Summer of Love. They gathered to celebrate an ethos of love, generosity the pursuit of meaning and expanded consciousness.

While psychedelics were a not infrequent part of the culture, the bigger pursuit took the form of a counterculture revolution. It was about changing the dynamics of power, expression and connection. About casting off oppressive norms and rediscovering “freedom.”

That same exploration, those same questions, are alive and well some 50 years later. Today’s short riff is a bit of a “spoken word” piece on the idea that, when it comes to the quest for freedom, what’s old is new again.

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Photo: Bryan Costales ©2009 Bryan Costales, licensed CC BY-SA 3.0

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