Happiness and Money: What the Research REALLY Shows.

So, happiness.

It’s what so many of us yearn for. We think it’s the center of a good life. And, even though, we’re often told otherwise, we believe it can be bought, a least a certain amount of it, with enough money.

So, what is the truth? What does the research show? Can money buy you happiness? Can it buy you a good life? Is there actually real, hard science that can help us answer this age-old question?

The answer, it turns out, may surprise you. Today’s audio deep-dive is all about happiness, money and life well-lived. And, rather than talking in generalities, we’re heading straight into the rich body of research that shows us the truth. We’re vaulting past all the happiness and self-help platitudes, the things we wish were truth, and diving into the actual science of happiness, money and the good life.

And, you might want to hold onto your seat, because some illusions are about to be shattered. We’re doing a bunch of myth-busting and proverb-smashing.

Money, it turns out, may well matter more than you think when it comes to happiness, and in ways you didn’t realize. Moving beyond money, happiness and good life myth-busting, we then give you specific advice on how to “use” money to make your life happier, more meaningful and just straight-up better.

And, we explore the question you REALLY wanna know,”how much money do you really need to be happy and fulfilled?”

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