In It Together: Nobody Opts Out of the Human Condition

We tend to think that once we get to a certain place in life, everything just gets all dreamy.

And, that makes us sometimes hold those who we look to as teachers and leaders to a different standard. But, what if we’re all just in it together? What if life happens, humanity and all of its stumbles and struggles, highs and lows, grace and grind, no matter how far we get into a path of discovery?

Nobody gets to opt out of the human condition.

What if leading and living a good life wasn’t about learning and practicing our way out of the realities of day-to-day existence, but rather owning the fact that, no matter what may come our way, the essential ingredients for a meaningful existence are here, in front of us, in each moment? Even the hard ones. What if a good life is not a place at which we arrive, but a lens through which we see and create our world?

That’s what we’re talking about in today’s GLP Riff. And, as part of that discussion, we offer a question to ask that just might guide better decisions as we tell the story of our lives.

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