5 Life-Changing Holiday Survival Habits | Jonathan Fields

Ahh, that holiday time of year. A time for celebration and joy and generosity and reflection. And also a whole lot of forced togetherness and conflict and family patterns and politics and stress and unhealthy coping, lashing out, even sadness and loneliness – sometimes all within a matter of minutes, even for the most joyful, healthily attached and grateful person, this time can just bring up a lot. So what do we do with that? How do we handle that? What habits or go-to strategies can we say yes to that just might make this time of year fly by with more genuine ease and joy and connection and maybe even grace? That is what we were talking about in this month’s continuation of our fun 5 Life-Changing Habits series. So we kicked that series off a little bit earlier with a wide-ranging sort of a more universal 5 Life-Changing Habits episode. And then last month, again with our 5 Life-Changing Relationship Habits episode, and they were met with such a huge reception, we figured, hey, let’s keep it going and get specific and shared genuinely life-changing habits that relate to specific moments that we all go through, or maybe areas of life where simple habits can make a big difference. So today I am bringing you 5 Life-Changing Holiday Survival Habits, so excited to share them with you.

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