Jonathan Fields

The Truth About Money and Happiness

money happinessCan money buy you happiness? Can it buy you a good life?

The answer, it turns out, may surprise you. In today’s expanded GLP Riff, we vault past all the self-help platitudes and dive into the actual research on money, happiness and life-satisfaction.

We do a bunch of myth-busting and share some eye-opening science-based realities that may not play all that nicely with many of the proverbs we so often see and hear around social media (the ones that also let us feel good about saying “it doesn’t matter”).

Money, it turns out, may well matter more than you think, and in ways you didn’t realize. Moving beyond money, happiness and good life myth-busting, we then give you specific advice on how to “use” money to make your life better. And, we explore the next logical question,”how much money do you really need to be happy and fulfilled?”

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