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This past year and a half has pushed many of us to the brink, in a lot of ways. Relationships. Work. Physical and mental health. It’s tested nearly every system, thought, belief, tool, practice and resource we rely on to find peace, ease, solace, hope, resilience, and grace. Over the years, we’ve had the great fortune to be able to sit down with many leading voices and innovators in the world of mental health, to learn from their lives, their stories, their experience and expertise. And, today, we’re sharing insight from four of those visionaries: Dr. Nzinga Harrison, Terri Cole, Lori Gottlieb, & Dr. Joy Harden Bradford.

I hope you’ll enjoy this exploration of mental health from different lenses valuable and maybe it’ll plant a seed that opens you to exploring and being more intentional and proactive in your own pursuit of wellbeing.

You can find Dr. Nzinga Harrison at: Website | In Recovery Podcast

You can find Terri Cole at: Website | The Terri Cole Show

You can find Lori Gottlieb at: Website | Dear Therapist Podcast

You can find Dr. Joy Harden Bradford at: Website | Therapy for Black Girls Podcast

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