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Terri ColeEver feel like life is one non-stop boundary issue? You’re not alone. And my guest, Terri Cole, can help. Before earning a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychotherapy from New York University, Terri ran a talent agency for actors and supermodels. She was your typical Type A overachiever with zero balance and no internal peace, driven by ambition, living on planes and serving as a business executive, confidante, advisor, surrogate parental figure and bounding between nearly every role, with every person imaginable. She began to realize every part of work and life was bleeding into every other part of work and life and the net effect was that everything was bleeding out. Something had to change. She wanted her life back, and she wanted to do something that felt more driven by meaning and service. 

Changing direction, she went back to school, started a partnership in life and family, and therapy practice at the same time, that’s now been her devotion for over two decades. What she learned in the trenches with her high-profile clients informed and continues to inspire the work she does today. She’s been on a mission. Her dharma, she shares, is teaching women how to attract and sustain healthy, vibrant, Real Love into their lives and establish and maintain effective boundaries with ease and grace. That latter part, she’s come to believe is at the heart of so much interpersonal struggle and is perpetually at the center of nearly therapeutic engagement. So, she figured it was time to share was she’s learned in her new book, Boundary Boss: The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen, and (Finally) Live Free. We dive deep into the world of boundaries in today’s conversation.

Be sure to check out her 2017 conversation with us for a deeper dive.

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