How to Love & Be Loved

When the curator of the longest-running study on human flourishing, the Grant Study, was asked if there was any one factor that most contributed to a life well-lived, his answer was clear – love, full stop. In no small way, love makes a life. And, we’re not just talking romantic love, we’re also talking the love you have for family or chosen family, for those kinds of friends who make you feel seen, heard, and held, for those you’re in community with, who share a set of common bonds, and, less obviously, for those you don’t even know but somehow find a place of compassion for, that changes both them and you, often in ways you never saw coming. 

But, in this day and age, these different kinds of love feel more complicated, and for many, less available. So, today, we’re bringing you a very special episode drawing upon the deep wisdom of five past guests, each experts in the space of love, relationships, and self-discovery, to share provocative, unique, and valuable insights about how to love and be loved, how to hold relationships with curiosity and allow room for growth, how to create a society-wide container of compassion, then invite everyone in, even those you struggle to like, or be in the same room with, let alone love. 

You’ll hear from Julie and John Gottman, who’ve been married and also researching love and relationships, both clinically and in the lab for over 4 decades together, and writing mega-bestselling books on the topic. You’ll hear from Diego Perez, who most know from his online moniker Young Pueblo, on creating the space for growth. Rev. angel Kyodo williams will share an expansive lens on love and its connection to compassion, holding the space for difference, and liberation. And, our friend, spoken-world artist, IN-Q, shared a beautiful spoken-word piece, framed by his own experience of falling in love, wrapping with an invitation for us all to find moments to create magic.

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