How to Get Unstuck & Finish What Matters | Charlie Gilkey [Best Of]

Charlie GilkeyHave you noticed how hard it’s become to focus these days, to know what really matters, get out of the stuck zone, start to build momentum and actually finish the stuff that truly is important to you? It was already hard in Before Times, and now, we might as well go ahead and 10X the challenge. If you’re feeling this, you’re not alone. The struggle is real. But, what if there was a way to quickly figure out what matters most, focus on that, dislodge the wheel-spinning inertia, get unstuck, and go from idea to done? To become a productivity Jedi. That is what we’re talking about in today’s powerful Best Of conversation with one of my closest advisors, regular collaborator, multi-award-winning author of the book, Start Finishing, and founder of Productive Flourishing Charlie Gilkey. 

We dive into Charlie’s specific ideas around why so much of our effort to be productive fails, and how to rewire our brains and schedules and actions to more easily see beyond distraction, identify what really matters, choose what’s worth finishing, then take immediate action to make it happen. Along the way, we also explore how Charlie’s highly-unique background as a philosopher, military officer, productivity strategist and consultant to creative professionals, founders and fast-growth entrepreneurial teams has shaped his powerful lens of going from idea to done.

You can find Charlie at: Website | Instagram

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