Brad Feld: Acclaimed Venture Capitalist On Life Well-Lived

What if you could blow up your schedule and rebuild it exactly the way you wanted?

What if you exalted deep-dive, uninterrupted creative time, being hyper-present in the lives of those you truly care about and taking amazing care of your body?  And, then, and only then, added whatever time was left for meetings and other bits of “overhead?”

That’s exactly what world-renowned venture capitalist, Techstars co-founder and author, Brad Feld did for 90 glorious days.

He went from working 16-18 hour days, flying from meeting to meeting and traveling like crazy to living in the mountains with his wife and golden retrievers for 3 months. And allocating all but 3 hours a day for creation and connection.

He still worked. In fact, he got a huge amount of high-level creative work done. but he did it in a radically different way. And, along the way, he found himself face-to-face with a series of surprises and awakenings about the true impact of the way he’d been working on his body, his health and his relationships.

In this wide-ranging conversation, we explore this incredible 90-day experiment, the fallout, discoveries and shifts. But, that’s just the beginning.

We also go deep into the impact of living in a fully-engaged way, being present in the lives of the people who really matter. We jam on the interplay between meaning, happiness, work and play, the sacrifices we make and why. We explore what marathoning gives Brad, beyond pure fitness. We talk about fear, action and building business from a place of service.

And, we wrap with Brad’s extraordinary take on what it means to live a good life, where he shares this sage bit of advice from his dad…

“Pick your 2% and put everything you’ve got against it.”

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