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Danny Clinch has played with, photographed, and filmed some of the most iconic musicians in modern history, including Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Tupac Shakur, and Johnny Cash. Acclaimed as one of the top photographers in the music scene for decades and the recipient of 3 Grammy Award nominations himself, Danny’s work has appeared everywhere in Vanity Fair, Spin, Rolling Stone, and GQ, as well as numerous galleries. He recently founded the Transparent Gallery at the Asbury Hotel to showcase music and culture in the area, along with his annual Sea.Hear.Now music and art festival.

In addition to his camera, the other thing Danny Clinch never leaves home without is his harmonica. He doesn’t just love photographing musicians, he’s also a long-time lover and creator of music, playing with his own band and sitting in with many of the amazing people he photographs. In today’s conversation, we talk about the complete coincidence that led to him first picking up a camera, how he honed his chops under Annie Leibovitz and other legends in the biz, and the power of place and devotion in shaping who we become.

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Photo credit: Nina Clinch

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