A Simple Model for a Really Good Life | 2023 Kickstart

So as we all step into this year together, there’s a big question that I think is on everybody’s mind. And that question is, “What does it actually take to live a good Life?” Is it about health or wealth, friendship love, passion, purpose? Or are there things that really matter that are fairly simple to cultivate, no matter your circumstance, but that most of us completely miss? And maybe most importantly, what can we do? How much is actually in our control? And does that vary from person to person or even within one person’s life from moment to moment, month to month, season to season?

No matter who you are, what you do or what life brings your way, the question of what it means to live a good life, it resonates at the core of every single one of us. No matter our circumstances to feel more alive and connected to feel like whatever version of our best life is possible, we have found a way to access it on some level. And we have a sense of agency and co-creation in it.

And for over a decade now, I have been granted rare access to a global collective of luminaries in every industry and circumstance imaginable. From renowned scientists and leading voices in everything from spirituality, and philosophy, to art, to innovators, change makers in industries, psychology, health, mental health, relationships, education activism, CEOs and founders, painters, writers, Oscar-winning actors, iconic musicians have populated the quest and the list of teachers for me and people that have turned around and shared with you. And what I have added to that is many decades of my own countless personal experiments and experience ranging from studying and teaching, yoga and meditation to my own meditation and breathwork deep dives to having the incredible blessing of teaching tens of thousands of students and human beings from around the world. Building many intentional businesses and communities and experiences focused around collective elevation.
And over time, this deceptively simple, yet powerful model for a life well live emerged and I call it the Good Life Buckets. And this simple Good Life Bucket model remains as valid as robust as powerful as ever. So get ready to dive into the Good Life Buckets with the new 2023 lens on how to tap this model to build your best life possible.

You can find the 1-page worksheet HERE.

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