What does it mean to live a good life?

Is it about health, wealth, friendship, love, passion, purpose, all, some, or none of the above? Are there things that really matter that are fairly simple to cultivate, no matter your circumstance, but that most of us miss?

And, maybe most important, what can we DO - how much is in our control - to live our best lives, no matter how circumstance meets us?


We've been studying thesequestions for the past 20 years.

We’ve been given rare access to a global collective of luminaries, in every industry and circumstance imaginable.

From renowned scientists and leading voices in spirituality, philosophy, and art to innovators and change-makers in industry, psychology, innovation, education, and activism. CEOs and founders, painters, writers, even Oscar-winning actors, iconic musicians have populated the quest. And, along the way, I’ve run my own experiments, built my own organizations and had the good fortune to teach tens-of-thousands from all over the world.

And what we’ve found is that, no matter who you are, what you do, or what life brings your way, the question of what it means to live a good life resonates at the core of every single one of us.


And it’s more important now than ever.

Because, everything’s changed. Our lives have been upended. The way we live, work, love, play, connect, think, and feel is shifting seemingly moment-to-moment. All of the external elements we relied on as markers of success, happiness, connection, safety … it’s all up in the air.

This is a moment of great stress, and in some cases, loss and reckoning. But it’s also a moment of great potential and possibility.

Because when the assumptions, systems and structures that have defined our lives for so long shift, it opens us up to new ways of feeling and thinking and being. New opportunities to make decisions and take actions designed to reimagine life. On our terms. New terms.

But, before we can do that, we’ve got to get honest about where we are.Now. Today.

Think of it this way...

Life can be viewed as three categories which we call the Good Life Buckets:


Your Vitality Bucket

is about your mind-body - This is all about optimizing your state of mind and body. It’s about stillness, peace, focus, intention, gratitude, resilience and more. It’s also about building the strongest, healthiest, most vital physical body.

Your Connection Bucket

is about your relationships - This is about cultivating deep, joyful relationships. It’s about love and belonging, friendship and attachment, community and participation.

Your Contribution Bucket

is about your work - This is about how you contribute to the world. It’s about doing work that fills you with meaning, purpose, excitement and cultivates a feeling of deep-satisfaction and significance.

Here’s the scary part…

Even before the events of the last few years, the average person’s buckets dangerously depleted. In a survey of nearly 20,000 people from around the world, we learned:

The average person’s Vitality Bucket scored a 56 out of 100


The average person’s Contribution Bucket scored a 62 out of 100


The average person’s Connection Bucket scored a 66 out of 100

We’re now building our “emerging from the global pandemic” data-set, which may well be even more disturbing.

Still, there is incredible news. Especially for you...

No matter what YOUR bucket levels are, there are things you can do. Little things. Immediate things. Easy things. Free things. That will make a real difference, that will begin filling your Good Life Buckets today. That will help you start feeling better, more hopeful, more focused, more energized, more connected, and alive. Today.

But of course, we’ve gotta start where we are. Be honest about it. No judgment at all.

We have to know our own personal Good Life Bucket levels first. So, we know where we’re starting from, and where to focus our energies first. Remembering, it’s just a starting point. A snapshot in time. One we’re about to change in big ways, starting today.

So, go ahead...


It’ll take just a few minutes and once you’re done, to help get you started, we'll be sharing our five day Good Life Challenge by email, with lots of FREE bucket-filling wisdom, tips, and actionable information you can use to take immediate steps on making your life better.

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