7 Habits to Dramatically Improve Focus | Jonathan Fields

We live in a world of near-constant distraction, making it harder and harder to focus, to be present and attentive in the activities, goals, pursuit and even relationships that mean the most to us. And, so often, the solution offered to reclaim focus are the same old tired things we hear, over and over again.

So, today, in the next installment of our Life-changing Habits series, we’re exploring 7 unconventional, more secret-weapon-level, science-backed habits that can help you stay focused, be less distracted, and truly be present in the moment. These unconventional but incredibly powerful habits can transform the way you interact with the world and the people that really matter. And, pretty safe bet you either haven’t heard of them or tried them, or if you have, you never had them teed up in the context of improving focus, along with specific direction, and the science behind how and why they work. So excited to share these 7 life-changing focus-building habits with you. 

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