5 Life-Changing Relationship Habits | Jonathan Fields

So what if I told you that the things that will make the biggest difference in your life, your health, your mindset, career, relationships and more are rarely the big, sweeping gestures or actions, but rather the tiny things that you do on a repeated basis every day, every week, every month, that generate a compounded impact on your life and the lives of those around you? It’s these little repeated actions, these rituals, these habits that change the game and that are truly the source fuel of a life well lived. But they’re not often viewed as being all that sexy because they’re tiny. I mean, how much difference could they really make? And the answer is – all the difference in the world. So I have spent a lot of time exploring not just the art and science of rituals and habits and why they work, but actually focusing on the activities themselves.

What specific things can we do that make the biggest difference when it comes to relationships, career, health, well-being and all those things we care about? What tiny things can you do on a regular repeated basis that will have an exponential, even life-changing impact over time? And I began to share some of these in a recent podcast that we called 5 Life-Changing Habits. And well, the response to that one episode was pretty incredible. It took us all by surprise. That one episode, which was really just a primer, sort of dipping your toe in the pond of life-changing habits, has been downloaded and listened to and shared more than any other in recent memory. And our amazing community, that would be you, also made it really clear you wanted more. So we decided to go deeper with a short series of episodes, each focusing on 5 life-changing habits that apply to one specific domain of life. And today we are kicking things off with 5 life-changing relationship habits. Little things that, repeated over time can make a transformational difference in your relationships.

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