1. 1.1.14 the revolution begins

  2. If you’ve landed here, you’re one of a select tribe of visionaries who’ve just discovered a radically-different way to breathe life into your idea. Your business. Your vocation or calling.

    The opportunity to not just launch or build a business, but to start a revolution. To harness the dynamics of mass evangelism, movements, social-dynamics and social technology and story-architecture to grow your venture faster and with less effort and fewer resources than you imagined possible. And to make a bigger difference in more peoples’ lives and build a rapidly-expanding community that leaves everyone involved and everyone they touch, in some way, changed. Better.

    This is the promise of the 18-element RevolutionU™ Framework.

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    It’s still hard to imagine that this was never supposed to happen. Or, maybe it was….

    Sure, it began as a personal research project, exploring how mass movements, revolutions, evangelist organizations and charismatic leaders capture the hearts and minds of millions and move them to action.

    I was on a hunt for patterns. To see if there was a way to integrate all these worlds. To create a roadmap that could fuel not only social causes and movements, but launch companies, products, brands and careers with the speed and power of a revolution.

    At a certain point, a new way to fit all the puzzle pieces together began to emerge. And a coherent, powerful and robust “Framework for Nonviolent Commercial Revolution” took form.

    Still, this was all in the name of applying it to my own ventures. And also trying to help me better understand how past ventures had succeeded and what I could’ve done to make the process more easily replicable.

    But, then you guys already know the story. I was cajoled into sharing it at a few conferences and, well, all hell broke loose, lol.

    I think what really freaked me out was that I wasn’t ready for the response. Because this was never intended for anyone else. So, I’d never even considered building anything like a training program for it.

    I wasn’t ready for the onslaught of requests from people wanting more. To go deeper. To better understand how to actually integrate the 18-elements into their own vision and harness the power of it.

    Which is why I kept saying no, until it was finally time to say, “okay, this wasn’t in my ‘plan,’ but maybe it’s what I’m supposed to be doing right now. Serving this need on a deeper level. And not only handing over an immensely powerful tool, but also showing people who want to do amazing good how to actually use it.”

    So, it’s with a weird blend of reluctance and curiosity and excitement and mavenhood (yes I just made up a word) and, I dunno, maybe even destiny, that I decided to build out the full RevolutionU™ Training for you. And I’ve got to admit, it’s been really fun. I can’t wait to jump into the experience with you and set you up to make 2014 your revolution year.

    You’ve already gotten a flavor for what’s inside the two-month RevolutionU™ Training experience, but I was moving pretty quickly in the webinar (hey, I get excited when we’re jamming about changing the world, okay).

    So, let me lay out all the nuts and bolts in detail for you…

  3. The RevolutionU™ Training is an 8-week, hands-on, step-by-step training experience that unpacks every one of the 18 elements. It takes you way beyond just “knowing” what the elements are to knowing “how” to execute on them.

    Here are details for the upcoming RevolutionU™ program:

    The dates are January 1, 2014 to February 25, 2014. Be sure to mark it on your calendar. How cool is it going to be starting the year training to launch a revolution (how’s that for a resolution?!)?

    There are four key elements of the training…

    1. Virtual Training Compound:
    8 Powerhouse Training Modules

    As a RevolutionU tribe-member, you’ll be granted access to a private online-training area with your own personal login information. You can access it from pretty much any connected device, explore the lessons and do the exercises when and where it’s convenient for you (cuz revolutionaries are often on the move!)

    When you log in, you will see a simple dashboard with 8 modules to choose from.


    The first module will be unlocked, so you can dive right in. Then every week, a new module will unlock, allowing you to progress through the training. Our goal is to give you everything you need, the knowledge, the training, the exercises and answers. So you’ll graduate in the best possible position to not just learn, but actually be ready to launch your revolution either during or shortly after.

    The 18 critical elements from the RevolutionU Framework have been very deliberately integrated into 8 modules in the order you need to learn and execute on them. So, what you do get in each module?


    Each module will cover between 2 and 4 of the critical RevolutionU elements and will include:

    • 4-6 training videos
    • Fully-edited, printable transcripts (PDF format)
    • Downloadable audio mp3s (so you can listen on the go), and
    • Action-specific homework to ensure “things happen.”

    And, btw, we are SERIOUS about you doing the homework. This training exists, more than anything else, as a resource for those who don’t just “say” they’re ready to do big things, but actually STAND UP AND DO THEM!

    So, we will hold you accountable to not only watching the videos or listening and reading (whichever works best for you), but also DOING THE WORK. If you are not game for that, PLEASE do NOT take a spot in this training from someone else who is ready to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

    Okay, so the 8-week RevolutionU training is divided into 3 stages and 8 modules. The 3 stages, as you’ll see in the Course Overview image below, are Incubation, Staging and Execution.


    The Incubation stage takes you through the first 4 weeks of the training. Here, we’ll do the amazing work of laying a powerhouse foundation for your revolution. This is the stage that so many people race past and then wonder why their effort comes crumbling to a halt down the road. You’ve got to get this right or else everything else fails.

    The Incubation stage has 4 modules that’ll be “unlocked” one per week. With each module, you will work on actually “building out” the specific elements of the RevolutionU Framework that need to be created to launch your revolution.

    So, for example, in Module one, you’ll go deep into “how” to identify and create an “experience map” for your Revolutionary Avatar. To get into their heads, understand their needs, desires, shared pains, aspirations and lives. We’ll give you a specific process and homework exercises to do that week. Almost everyone skips this, because it’s not easy. But unless you do this, you’ll have no idea how to build your messaging and model in a way that makes large numbers of people stand up and say “hell yes, we’re in!”

    Everything in this training will be about not just deeper learning, but making things happen IN REAL TIME!

    Stage Two is the STAGING part of the training and it’s two very substantial training modules that take you from the foundation to actually detailing your messaging and building out the highly-specific “Revolutionary Path” you are going to lead people on.

    It’ll also show you how to really dig deep into what it is you want to create and exactly how you’ll find the right people for the specific roles you’ll need, inspire them to action and bring them into the revolution as co-revolutionaries, followers, customers, evangelists and eventually even leaders.

    This is not easy work. Especially alone. Which is why we will walk you through this process DURING the training, while you’ve got access to me and your amazing tribe of co-revolutionaries (more on that in a minute).

    And, finally, we get to Stage Three – Execution – where we get super granular and put together your step-by-step launch plan. We’ll also provide you with a variety of launch “templates,” highly-detailed, step-by-step launch checklists to help ensure you’ve got everything in place and you’re doing things in a way that’s most likely to fuel success.

    With the 8 modules in the Virtual Training Compound alone, you are getting pretty stunning value. That’s dozens of training videos, tens of thousands of words of transcripts, hours of audio and powerful homework exercises that inspire massive action in a short period of time.

    But, that’s not all…

    2. Virtual Office Hours With Jonathan

    Virtual Office Hours With Jonathan

    During our 8 weeks together, the training modules alone will answer a ton of your questions. But as you start to really dive in and take your amazing idea from your head and into the real world, doing all the exercises, things will come up. Questions.

    Should I do “this” or “that?” You’ll have an amazing private army of co-revolutionaries to bounce questions ideas off of in our private Facebook group. But I wanted to go a step further. To give you direct access to me for the entire two month intensive training.

    So, in addition to your Virtual Training Compound, I’ll be holding Virtual Office Hours every Friday. I’ll open up a private conference line or private google hangout (or similar) for you to drop in and ask me about whatever it is you need help with, live. And even if you can’t make it, you can still submit questions beforehand for me to answer. I’ll be sure to record all of the Virtual Office Hours and post the audio for them in the Virtual Training Compound, so you never have to worry about missing out, even if you can’t make one.

    One of the coolest things about this interactive format is that many of you will have variations of the same question. So you’ll learn not only from answers to your own questions, but from the conversation around everyone else’s questions. It’s an insanely powerful way for us to not only jam together, but create a pretty kick-ass group knowledge-base around shared questions and ideas.

    So, you get full-access to the Virtual Training Compound and weekly Virtual Office Hours with me. But, there’s still more (man, did I seriously just say that? Kinda like those late night infomercials, right. LOL. Except this is about something much bigger).

    3. RevolutionU Tribal Council

    RevolutionU Tribal Council

    I hinted at this above. I’ve been building communities and “under-the-radar” commercial revolutions for years now. It started offline (yes, there IS still a world that exists offline), building businesses around thriving global communities. And more recently, it’s gone online with ventures like Good Life Project.

    What I’ve discovered is there is formidable power in creating a safe place, a private place for like-minded visionaries, revolutionaries to come together and share ideas, questions, resources, stories, challenges, needs, visions and more. To connect with other people on the same path as you, working toward bringing something amazing to life.

    To be able to share in your “parallel quests” and support each other along the way…honestly, not having this has been one of the single biggest pain point people have shared with me. And having it is maybe the single biggest asset you could ever have. Especially, because the power and connection of your private, safe community of co-visionaries not only fuels massive action, accountability and collaboration now, it also survives beyond the training and serves as a source of deep support, inspiration and accountability, potentially for years to come.

    I’ve seen what happens to peoples’ ideas, businesses, careers and ventures, their revolutions and lives when they find “their people,” and it’s pretty damn stunning. So, as I’ve done with other communities before, we’ve created that private tribe for you.

    As a RevolutionU tribe-member, you’ll get an invite to our members-only Virtual RevU Tribal Council (a/k/a – private Facebook group, I can’t help it, I love coming up with fun names!). Don’t worry, nobody’s getting voted out!

    Here, the conversation will be private, protected, all-in. There is no zero-sum game, every person will be there to rally behind the success not just of themselves, but of every other person. You will not be alone. Finding a deeply-connected, supportive dynamic like this is brutally hard these days. Which is why we’ve created it for you.

    With knowledge, mentoring and an incredible tribe by your side, you will be able to do things that would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, alone.

    So, now you’ve got the Virtual Training Compound stocked with massive amounts of knowledge, Virtual Office Hours with Jonathan (that’s me, writing in third person again) every week for 8-weeks and your own private army of co-revolutionaries fueling action and success.

    Imagine the impact that will have on everything you hope and dream of creating in 2014.

    Oh, yes, almost forgot, there’s one more thing…

    RevolutionU LIVE | NYC March 2014
    Must enroll by midnight Sunday, Nov 24th

    RevolutionU LIVE

    Imagine yourself in room swelled with soulful, inspiring, mission-driven, revolutionaries. Beautifully human. Supportive. Alive.

    Even if you’re an introvert (#RaisesHandBigtime #We’llTalk), there’s nothing like being together, face-to-face, with the right people, embraced by shared ideas, values, quests and stories.

    Live events take digital connections to a whole different level. Conversations become friendships and ideas become collaborations and alliances. I love getting the right people in a room for an intense day of learning, connecting and inspiration.

    So, we’ve created a one-day live event – RevolutionU™ LIVE! NYC

    It’ll be held in NYC (or just outside) in March 2014 (finalizing the date and spot now). I’ll be there, along with a line-up of insanely cool special guests, jamming on breakout ideas, sharing new successes and case-studies and bringing together our awesome tribe for one inspiring day. Who knows, we may even end up featuring some of you.

    RevolutionU LIVE! NYC is a $1,000 value.

    BUT, when you register for your RevolutionU training BY MIDNIGHT EST SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24th (that’s THIS Sunday), you will get a VIP invitation to attend as my guest.

    Just don’t sign up a minute later than midnight, Sunday Nov. 24th. Monday at 12:01am EST will be a minute too late. This cutoff will be strictly enforced.

    Why would I do this?

    Because those who build things that matter make decisions and take action. If you want to start a revolution, you need to get up off the couch and DO something!

    I want to reward this in a massive way for those who are willing to go beyond words and act. Not later, but now.

  4. So, What’s All This Worth?

    Well, let’s be honest, I’m just little bit biased here. There is no other training like this in existence (trust me, I’ve been searching for years. If there was, I’d never have created this). But, conservatively, based on other trainings I’ve participated in or been exposed to, here’s what I think is reasonable:

    RevolutionU Framework…………………………………………………$10,000

    This is actually an easy valuation for me. Because I’ve been paid more than $10,000 just to share the RevolutionU Framework, without any training beyond simply revealing the 18-elements. And I know that the potential impact of implementing even parts of it can be pretty huge.

    RevolutionU Virtual Training Compound…………………………………$2,500

    Eight intensive training modules with more than 30 videos, transcripts, audio and exercises. When you look at the potential impact these 8 weeks could have on your ability to build something stunning, well, you do the math…

    8-weeks of Virtual Office Hours……………………………………………$4,000

    Honestly, this one I still don’t get. But a one-hour skype or phone consult with me is $1,000. I regularly turn those away now, I just don’t have the time (seriously, it’s just me, people!). My one-hour keynote fee is $10,000-$25,000. But you’ll get me on our private tribe-only calls for a minimum of 16 hours (likely a lot more). Since it’s not one-to-one, I’ll discount the value by 75%, sounds about right to me.

    RevolutionU LIVE! NYC……………………………………………………$1,000

    C’mon, do I even need to justify this one? The least expensive private training event I’ve ever done is $2,500. That’s all I’m saying.

    RevU Circle of Champions…………………………………………………priceless

    This is so funny, because whenever we build training experiences, people come out of them saying the biggest surprise was the stunning value of the tribe they leave with. It’s so odd to me how much we underestimate the value of being supported by the right people, until we actually experience it. Then we place a higher value on it than anything else.

    Impact on your business & life……………………………………………um, a lot!

    Total Minimum Value – $17,500+

    So, what’s it going to cost you, then?

    $10,000? $5,000? $2,000? Not even close. No games, no gimmicks.

    Two simple options:

    • $930 one-time payment, or
    • 3 equal installments of $360

    The one-time tuition payment will save you $150.

    If you choose the single-payment option, your tuition will be processed upon registration. If you choose the three-installments, the first payment will be processed upon registration, the second payment will be processed 45 days later (after the holidays and start of the program) and the third payment will be processed 30 days later.

    You’ve Got No Risk…

    What about refunds and money-back guarantees? How does 100% risk-free, 30-day guarantee sound?

    Here’s the deal. The actual course begins on January 1, 2014. If you sign up, watch, listen-to or read all of the training content, attend and participate in Virtual Office Hours, put in a genuine effort to do all of the homework to the best of your ability and still feel you’re not getting what you wanted, just let us know and turn in all of your homework assignments to us within the first 30-days and we will issue a full refund.

    Why do we require you to actually engage in this training and do the work to be eligible for the refund? Because, this training is not for posers. Revolutionaries don’t kick tires and make excuses, they act. Really act.

    If you’re willing to act and still don’t feel it’s worth it, I’m more than happy to honor your commitment with a full-refund. But if you’re just looking to say “hey, look at me, I’m starting a revolution,” then run screaming as soon as you realize it’ll take work, I’d rather not have you in the program from the get-go.

    If that doesn’t sound fair to you, then there’s a pretty decent chance you’re not ready to make big things happen and it’d probably be better for you to let someone else have your space in this training.

    Sounds pretty fair, right?

    So, ball’s in your court…

    Are you ready to move beyond business as usual and build your own movement, business, venture or cause into a movement? Start your own revolution? One that not only fuels your vision and venture, but inspires, supports and empowers mass numbers of people.

    Because, the world needs that right now. And so do you.

    Make 2014 the year you stand up and start your revolution!

    And, remember to register by Sunday, November 24th at midnight to lock in your VIP guest invite ($1,000 value) for RevolutionU LIVE! NYC.

    Join Now!

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    Any questions or comments? Please contact us.

    With gratitude,


    P.S. – Jan 1, 2014. “So, uhhh, what’s your New Year’s resolution?” “Me, I’m going to start a revolution!”

    P.P.S. – While the official start date is January 1, keep your eye on your inbox. We’ll be sharing some preliminary thoughts, experiences and maybe even some ‘pre-homework.’ Nothing mandatory, of course, and it’ll all be available in the Virtual Training Compound once we get rolling on Jan 1, too.

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  6. 1.1.14

    The revolution begins

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    Gary Goldstein

    “My head’s still spinning, sheer brilliance. These ideas, sourced & assembled so uniquely and brilliantly, strike me as crucial new thinking for our time. Thank you for this exquisite intelligence and your generous nature.”

    Habib Wicks

    “Jonathan Fields has played an essential role in helping us 1) understand that our audience is even more ambitious about transformative health than we realized 2) provide a clear framework to help us teach a large amount of complex information and 3) connect deeply to the emotional challenges and deep desires of our audience. PEERtrainer is gearing up to launch a major book and product line in 2014, and Jonathan has provided the core DNA for this effort. Anyone who is building a mission-driven business must take a close look at what Jonathan has discovered. This is the next step beyond simple consciousness, and for profit-driven business, it will help to further redefine capitalism.”

    Clay Hebert

    “The gatekeepers are all gone. Actually, that’s not true. There’s one left. You. You are the last gatekeeper. The only one stopping you from starting a revolution is you. The people are ready. The tools are free. And now, this powerful framework and training show you exactly how. The leadership from Jonathan and support from your inner circle ensures you’ll succeed. So what are you waiting for?”

    Leanne Ely

    “When I first heard Jonathan speak about starting a revolution, it was if he was peeking inside my head. Yes, yes, yes!! I’ve thought about starting a movement, a revolution…even writing a manifesto! But how? And then Jonathan spoke and the pieces started to fall together. He gave me the absolute framework to take my idea and run, so I did! And because of that pivotal moment, things are coming to life that I never thought possible. Jonathan put the psychology behind the reasons why, the history and finally the how-to and honestly, had the stars not aligned so that our paths had crossed, I don’t know that I would be in the midst of the biggest career move of my life. Thank you Jonathan, you are incredible!”

    Join Now!

    Michael Fishman

    “Jonathan presented an hour-long keynote to the 2013 Consumer Health Summit. His model for the architecture of consumer movements as informed by lessons from history, enthralled all in attendance, so much so that the buzz around this talk remains to this date, 60 days later. Several entrepreneurs in attendance have since re-calibrated all of their marketing assumptions as a result. Jonathan shares his thoughts with the pace, fluency and certainty of the best storytellers, and his ability to distill actionable business strategies from seemingly unrelated political upheaval places him squarely and clearly in rarified thought-leader territory.”

    Julia Roy

    “We all want something (or someone) to believe in. Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and brands like Lululemon and Crossfit didn’t create products, they led revolutions. Jonathan has tirelessly studied and decoded this and for the first time ever, shows you exactly how they did it and leads you and a fellow circle of champions on an 8-week journey to do it yourself. You’ll build your business far beyond products and services. You lead a revolution. And that, is priceless.”

    Marc Winn

    “This work by Jonathan Fields is nothing short of a business building and movement starting masterpiece!”

    More praise for Jonathan and his work

    Steven Pressfield

    ”Keats called it Negative Capability, the skill of being in uncertainties, Mysteries, doubts. Tom Thibodeaux, coach of the Chicago Bulls, says, You gotta learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. But nobody has nailed this faculty like Jonathan Fields, showing us how to turn the fog of self-doubt, fear and internal paralysis into the clear sailing of focus, concentration and results.”

    Tony Hsieh

    “With a blend of old and new wisdom, Uncertainty equips you with the tools needed to take consistent action in the name of great work. Great read!”

    Stephen Johnson

    “Jonathan’s entrepreneurial wisdom has become a foundation in how I approach every new opportunity today. His proven, practical business advice brings clarity, focus and empowers you with a killer blueprint for success and courage to live your passion. Hes one in a million.”

    Gretchen Rubin

    ”Uncertainty; risk; exposure to criticism. How do you conquer this fearsome triad, so it doesnt block your patheven better, how do you harness its power to help you achieve your goals? Jonathan Fields uses perceptive analysis, fascinating case studies, and a series of exercises to illuminate how uncertainty can be used as an engine to power both innovation and creation.”

    Chris Guillebeau

    ”Too many of us sit on the sidelines of fear and doubt, unable to contribute to a world in need of our brilliance. This masterful book will put you back in the game.”

    Pam Slim

    “Jonathan Fields was a role model for me for years before he became a personal friend. I trust his business judgement because I have learned so much from him about how to grow a profitable and mission-centered small business. I trust his creative judgement knowing the voracious appetite he has for digesting the very best research and information. I trust his personal judgement by witnessing the care and concern he shows for his family. Anything Jonathan puts his mind to, he puts his heart to. I am already beaming thinking about what 10 months with Jonathan and a group of motivated peers will do to your life.”

    Terry St. Marie

    ”Jonathan can give you more meaningful and actionable insight in an hour than most people can give in a week. He is also a great listener, and Ive lost count of the times he has just plain blown my mind with his unique way of analyzing a problem or situation and coming back with a solution I never, ever would have thought of in a hundred years. Yep, hes that good.”

    Kris Carr

    ”Life is uncertain. Embracing that paralyzes most people, but it also inspires a small number of brave individuals driven to create extraordinary art, businesses, and lives. This book is a window into the minds of the worlds greatest creators. Its an essential tool to transform uncertainty and fear into power and genius.”

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    Cali Yost

    ”As a social entrepreneur and author, Jonathan Fields is one of my most valued go-to resources. Jonathans wisdom is the perfect mix of practical and transformational. Whether its something hes written or his one-on-one coaching advice, I usually find myself saying, Of course! as my perspective shifts and a solution appears to a problem that seemed insurmountable. Once I carefully explained to Jonathan that I was struggling with how to package, deliver and price a piece of content. Without missing a beat, he said, Give it away for free, and laid out all of the reasons why free was the best option. My response? Of course! Problem solved.”

    Lewis Howes

    ”There are a few people I trust to give me sound advice in all aspects of my business. Jonathan Fields is one of those individuals. He has helped me save countless amounts of time, money, and frustration from simply having him guide me in the right direction with any problem I face. Any one on one time with Jonathan is priceless for my business, and will take anyone to the next level.”

    Susan Piver

    ”…brilliant and subversive. Through sharp insights and practical exercises, he reframes doubt, hesitation, and ambiguity as gateways to our own natural brilliance. Its a handbook for fearless creativity and its offshoots: meaning, authenticity, and true success.”

    Glen Stansberry

    “Jonathan is a great sounding board. His insights are spot-on, and his ability to take that New York, no-bullcrap approach to giving advice is a massive, unique strength. Fields is great at cutting through and getting to the real questions that need to be asked. I’ve killed many projects thanks to Jonathan’s advice.”

    Randy Komisar

    ”Uncertainty is a great gift, a marvelous book. Jonathan calls out the elephant in our lives, the fear of failure, and gives us the insights, the rituals, and the presence of mind to tame it. Unless your life is limited to death and taxes, uncertainty is omnipresent. This book empowers the reader to gratefully accept the risks of a life worth living.”

    Join Now!

    Danielle LaPorte

    “What’s most distinct about Jonathan is his commitment to growth, both intellectually and spiritually. He makes it clear that he’s here to be of service, and he does just that, by consistently bringing a bigger perspective to conversations about how we create, work, and learn.”

    Nick Reese

    “Fields has a shark like ability to sniff out what is really important in the big picture and in the lives of others, even if there is only a hint of ‘blood’ in the water. Hes a grounding force and I wish I could bottle that up and carry that with me.”

    Derek Halpern

    “Jonathan Fields is someone who can do it all. He worked for the man as a lawyer, created (and sold) a brick and mortar business, authored two books, and built several web businesses. Oh, and he’s a GREAT speaker and storyteller. But what really makes Fields awesome is that he manages to do all of this without ever compromising his ethics and morals. So, yes, he’s an outstanding business strategist, but he’s also just and all around good guy too.”

    Jen Gresham

    ”In just one hour, Jonathan shared strategies that would catapult my blog subscriptions 400%. He also worked with me to create a career road map as an author and speaker. I used to just spin my wheels (and mental energy) wondering how I was ever going to turn my dream into a reality. Now I have the peace of mind and the confidence that comes with actionable advice.”

    Adam King

    ”When setting out to start your business, the one mistake almost everyone makes is creating something that they perceive will be of value to others, only to find it in no way severs anyone. Jonathan specializes in unveiling that sweet spot where your passion and expertise meet the problems and needs of a relevant and hungry audience. Its not business advice youre getting from him. Its a strategy to achieve total freedom.”

    Ishita Gupta

    ”Fields knows how to synthesize information, a message, content, and hone it into marketing speak that works with people so it sticks. So crafting and creating marketing messages that touch the people he wants it to…it’s not ‘throw ideas on the wall’ marketing, it’s specific, able to be measured, and delivered in a way that makes someone understand.”

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