Have questions? We’ve compiled some of the most common questions on this page. Make sure to check out our FAQ below before sending your request.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I get access to the Virtual Training Compound?
    A: We’ll be sending an email (probably a handful, actually) that will lay out everything, step-by-step. It’s actually super simple. And we’ll even walk you through the whole compound on a private video to show you how to log-in, how to find everything and how to start jamming with your co-visionaries in the private Tribal Council area. Speaking of which…

    Q: If a train leaves Boston going 60 mph southwest and a llama leaves Nashville clomping 18 mph northeast, where will they meet?
    A: Tomato.

    Q: How will I access the Virtual Tribal Council?
    A: We’ve tried so many different platforms, but we’ve come back to using a private Facebook group. You’ll get access upon approval to it once you get access to the Virtual Training Compound before the program officially opens.

    Q: I’m doing the 3-installment option, how does that work?
    A: We wanted to be super generous with this, so here’s the deal. Your first payment is processed when you register (so, like today). The second will be processed 30 days later. Then, the last one will be processed 30 days after that.

    Q: What was Marge Simpson’s maiden name?
    A: Bouvier. Yup, just like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Cool, right?

    Q: What if, after a few weeks, I feel like it’s not for me?
    A: That’s cool. As we shared on the info page, if you start the program, participate fully, do all the homework and it’s just not working, then email us before November 19th (30 days), turn in your completed homework, we’ll verify that it’s done and that you’ve been participating and promptly return your moolah!

    Q: What do revolutionaries eat for breakfast?
    A: Gluten-free pancakes, almond milk latte and a side of soul! Alternative – green smoothie. Alternative alternative – black coffee from a food cart, and lots of it.

    Q: Will I only have access to the course materials and training for the 8 weeks of the program? Or longer?
    A: You’ll have lifetime access to the content. We can’t promise it’ll be up there for years or decades, but we’ve got no plan to pull anything down at this point. So don’t worry about being able to revisit it and spend more time circling back after the “official” 8-weeks ends.

    Q: When specifically are the Virtual Office Hours (VOH) going to take place each week?
    A: Here is the schedule:

    Kick Off/Orientation Call: October 19th – Noon EST
    VOH Call #1: October 23rd – Noon EST
    VOH Call #2: October 30th – Noon EST
    VOH Call #3: November 6th – Noon EST
    VOH Call #4: November 13th – Noon EST
    VOH Call #5: November 20th – Noon EST
    VOH Call #6: December 4th – Noon EST
    VOH Call #7: December 11th – Noon EST
    VOH Call #8: December 18th – Noon EST

    If, once registration closes, we find we have a large number of folks in parts of the world where the above window doesn’t work (like, it is the middle of the night), we may move around the times or alternate in order to best accommodate everyone’s needs.

    During VOH, we’ll open up a private conference line or private google hangout (or similar) for you to drop in and ask about whatever it is you need help with, live. We may also sometimes have guest revolutionaries or experts on the line to share their experiences and/or answer questions. And even if you can’t make it, you can still submit questions beforehand for us to answer. We’ll be sure to record all of the Virtual Office Hours and post the audio for them in the Virtual Training Compound, so you never have to worry about missing out, even if you can’t make one.

    One last thought about VOH, please, please, please do NOT make the mistake of tuning out just because we’re not speaking about the topic you submitted. I’ve seen this happen in everything from high-end live masterminds to Q&A calls. You will learn as much if not more from the conversations around other peoples’ questions as you will from the conversations around your questions. Not only because you’ll see yourself in others’ questions, but because they’ll ask about things that are direct-hits for your quest, but you never even thought to ask. And the answer to their question will help you as much as them.

    Q: Can I really do this? Who am I to start a revolution?! Does it matter if my idea isn’t fully developed yet?
    A: It’s totally natural to be excited, anxious, nervous, inspired, confused, focused, spinning, energized…ALL AT ONCE when thinking about launching something that really matters to you.


    This is exactly why we’ve created this program and your private tribe. You’ll be journeying along with a group of people who are here to learn together, bounce ideas, support, brainstorm and, who knows, maybe even partner up. One of the things we’ve come to believe is that we are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for, BUT very often that capability lies dormant until you find your tribe, a group of people with shared values and aspirations who will support you, inspire you and hold you accountable to action. That’s what this program and the Private Tribal Council is all about.

    In the end, we can’t tell you whether your idea is right or fully enough formed. Or whether you are ready. Very often its the very process of working to build your revolution that answers these questions for you. We’re not here to sell you on anything. You’ve got to figure out what’s right for you. Only thing we can really share is that when we’re making decisions like this, we do our best to get well-informed, listen to our intuition and do a gut-check to make sure that the answer is coming from a place of possibility, not fear.

    Q: Will I be able to launch my revolution by the end of the 8 weeks?
    A: Depends entirely on how well-developed the elements of your revolution are coming into the program. You now know the 18-elements, and you have a sense for how well you’ve done at defining and developing what needs to be in place under each element. You also should have a sense for whether you’re looking to create a transactional or sustained revolution and how much time and energy you have on any given week to devote to the quest.

    This will all vary dramatically from person to person. Some people may be in a place where they can move very quickly, others may want or need to move at a more deliberate pace. What’s important is that, either way, you honor what feels right and sustainable for you. And remember, the Virtual Training Compound will remain available to you long after the “official” program has ended, so no need to worry about losing access to the information and processes just because it’ll take you longer to get where you want to go.

    Q: Will the Virtual Tribal Council remain open after the program?
    A: Yes! The Virtual Tribal Council is a private place for you to connect with your other revolution leaders, to share ideas, resources, stories, ask questions, find potential partners or collaborators or friends. These relationships, built in a private, respectful place, will be huge enablers of support and action and accountability and action.

    This’ll be your place to find inspiration and belonging, where everyone rallies to support each other. And we will keep this neighborhood open after the 8 weeks is over and even invite new inspired revolution leaders in to share in the journey and build a bigger, more-connected and empowered tribe over time.

    Q: Will this training guarantee success?
    A: Not a chance. One thing we’ve developed a rep for is being gentle, but brutally honest. Creating a deep understanding of the nuts and bolts and providing a community to rally behind you is a huge missing piece of nearly every venture or quest or revolution.

    But it’s also so important to come into this experience knowing that there are no magic bullets. Knowledge and support are key elements for breakout success. These things will help you make decisions about how and where to invest your focus and resources. And, they’ll help you see and organically know how to fix so many questions, gaps and failure-points you’ve been struggling with.

    Still, you’ll need to build a great team, develop a great solution, brand, product or experience and be able to execute on the framework, to act and to lead. This training can help give you the foundation, the knowledge and the support needed to set your quest in motion.

    Our goal will be to reconnect you with ideas and processes that fuel breakout decision-making, cultivate bonds among your new Tribal Council and facilitate a faster, easier path to success.

    But, what you DO with that and where you go with it is up to you. Question is whether you’re ready to own that or not.

    Q: When does the class start?
    A: The program begins on October 19th, and runs until December 12th, 2015. Each week, one of the 8-modules of content will be “unlocked” and you’ll get full access to the training materials and assignments for the week. A few days before the program start date, you’ll get your login credentials and other important details ahead of diving in.

    Q: What time investment do I need to put in to get the most out of this program?
    A: This will vary from person to person, depending on how well developed each of the elements already is. But a safe gauge, if you do the work in real time it will be around 5-15 hours a week. And, again, that will vary a lot based on how much work you’ve already done under each of the elements. As you get deeper into the modules and closer to actually launching your revolution, whether it’s during the program or after, the actual launch will likely take as much time as you’re willing to give it. Starting a revolution takes serious work, and it should.

    Q: Will I get personal feedback on all the homework in the program?
    A: The homework is entirely for you, it’s not something that we evaluate or grade or comment on. So, you don’t turn it in, though we may ask you to share certain parts with your tribe in order to get feedback and provide a certain amount of accountability. The only time we’d ask you to submit it is detailed under the refund policy.

    Q: What if I’ve got questions? Who do I contact?
    A: Sorry, we don’t do questions, you’re on your own…KIDDING! Just use the contact form above or shoot us an email at [email protected]