Your Primary Sparketype

The Advisor

Your Primary Sparketype reveals the essential nature or "driver" of the work you're here to do (whether it's the work you get paid to do, or not). When you do the work of your Primary Sparketype, you come alive with purpose and, fully-expressed in a healthy way, deepen into meaning, flow, connection and joy.

As an Advisor, coaching, mentoring and advising is your call. You light up like nothing else when you play the role of the trusted advisor. The person who swoops in, develops sustained, personal, relationships, most often with individuals or small groups, cultivates trust and confidence and creates the safety needed to coach or guide people, in a hands-on, engaging way toward a desired end.

While you see yourself as someone who is wise and skilled, it's less about teaching a particular body of knowledge and more about the interactive process of guiding people, in a more personalized way, through a process of growth, problem-solving, application and achievement. Your true aspiration is not just to get them to the place they yearn to be, but to also help them develop their own inner-trust and self-reliance, so that, when the time is right, you can step away, watch them soar and engage with others who await a similar "intervention."

Because of this, you can often walk into nearly any setting, industry or field and fairly quickly feel at home, even if you don't have deep domain-specific expertise. You just know your ability to apply your unique lens, focused awareness, and skills as an advisor and mentor are robust enough to give anyone what they need in nearly any endeavor.

Your Shadow Sparketype

The Maven

Remember, your Primary Sparketype (above) represents the essential nature of the work you're here to do. Your core driver of purpose, passion, expression and flow in work and life. Your Shadow Sparketype, on the other hand, is also a big part of you. Some may feel its call nearly as strongly. Your Shadow Sparketype most often reveals the work that you may well enjoy and have developed a high level of skill around, BUT it is also largely taken up in service of doing the work of your Primary Sparketype better.

Your Shadow Sparketype is The Maven, which means you latch onto a topic, field or industry and devour everything you can know about it. Staying "surface level" just isn't an option for you. It's no fun. You are driven to learn, to discover, to ferret out information, wisdom and knowledge. But, for you, when you're really being honest, that drive is almost always in service of doing the work of your Primary Sparketype at the higher possible level. It's more a means than an end.

If you're interested, you can see a much fuller description of your Shadow Sparketype, along with a ton more highly-detailed information tailored to your unique Sparketype in the Sparketype Mastery Guide (more below).

This is amazing! Now what?

It's one thing to “know” your Sparketype, and another to live it...

Yes, it is amazing to uncover the fundamental DNA that drives your reason-for-being, the work you’re here to do. But, to make a genuine, lasting and meaningful difference in your living and life, you’ve got to go deeper into the heart of your Sparketype BEFORE you can begin the process of building something incredible around it.

Question is, how?

We’ve created something that will empower you to do just that...

Your custom Sparketype Mastery Guide will take you inside your unique Sparketype and:

  • Reveal things about who you really are that have remained hidden
  • Expand your understanding of your unique Primary and Shadow Sparketypes
  • Uncover what fuels meaning, purpose, expression and flow for you
  • Reveal what empties you
  • Identify the “stuck-points,” traps and delusions that come with your Sparketype profile and how to avoid them, and
  • Show you how best to realign what you do with who you are to live and work from a place that fills you with purpose, meaning, fully-expressed potential and flow. To build not just a living, but a life.

Your Sparketype Mastery Guide is a custom deep-dive into your Purpose and Possibility DNA!

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