Don’t Just Build a Business,
Start a Revolution!

What if you could launch and grow your mission-driven business with the power and speed of a revolution?

It’s the holy grail of business growth.

The ability to mobilize huge numbers of people to come together. To not just buy or fund what you’re selling, but also become self-motivated die-hard fans and raving word-of-mouth evangelists.

To help create something that matters, on a large scale. Not in years or even months, but with astonishing speed. And, often with a fraction of the resources demanded by more traditional slow-growth business.

What if you could harness that kind of power?

Turns out, you can. If you’ve got the will to learn, a fierce commitment to doing the work and the right type of business or brand.

Serial entrepreneur, growth strategist and award-winning author, Jonathan Fields, spent years secretly researching how to harness the speed and reach of revolutions and apply that wisdom to business growth.

Drawing from nonviolent revolution theory,

evangelist growth mechanics, social-technology, story-architecture and response-messaging, he developed what’s now become known as the stunningly-powerful 18-element Art of Revolution™ framework.

Fair disclosure, not every business, brand or product can tap the potential of this framework. It must first be genuinely mission-driven.

There needs to be a compelling “why,” a bigger desire to serve, to rally, to solve a mass-need and give people something to believe in or belong to, preferably both.

If you feel like your business or brand would be a great fit for this rapid growth methodology, you can learn the entire framework free and, if interested, go deeper into how to implement the framework in your business with the 2-month virtual RevolutionU™ training.

Jonathan and his team teach the framework at no cost, and also open enrollment in the in-depth training few times a year.

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