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Yung PuebloWhy is it that, so often, we need to be brought to our knees in order to wake up to, and reclaim, what really matters? And, does that have to be so? These are just a few of the questions we dive into with my guest today, Diego Perez, best known for his virtual moniker, Yung Pueblo.

Born in Guayaquil Ecuador, he moved with his family to Boston, where he saw his parents work relentless hours and struggle with poverty. He turned to activism and advocacy at a young age, then attended Wesleyan where his life devolved into partying and drugs that threatened to become his way of being as he moved into adulthood. But a moment of reckoning would awaken him both to his need to refocus on mental and physical wellbeing, as well as recenter meaning in his work and life.

A quest was set in motion, one that would eventually lead Diego into a 10-day vipassana meditation experience that had a profound impact and would set him on a path of self-discovery, and an ever-deepening devotion to a now years-long, 2-hour-a-day meditation practice, regular extended retreats, and the pursuit of truth and wisdom. A part of that exploration also involved writing, and what began as a tool to process his own experiences eventually became a public writing practice. His words landed in a powerful way, amassing a global audience of millions of people, writing under the pseudonym, Yung Pueblo, which is both a reminder to him to stay grounded in a younger, growth mindset, and also a contained to frame this current season of work as a project that doesn’t constrain his own personal and professional growth. Diego’s new book, Clarity & Connection, shares many of his recent insights about life, meaning, love, work, self-awareness, and of course, clarity and connection.

You can find Yung Pueblo at: Website | Instagram

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