Brain Hacking: The Truth About How to Change Your Brain

Wendy Suzuki on Good Life Project Radio

You can lose almost any part of your body, except one, and still be you.

What is that one exception? Your brain.


The brain is the seat of your memory and your identity.

Which is why brain injuries can be so devastating. And taking care of your brain is so incredibly important to a life well-lived.

Question is, how do you do that?

Turns out, there’s a lot of “neuro-myths” floating around today. We love to spout all sorts of supposed facts about the brain. Things like, “the average person only uses 10% of their brain.” Or, “you can completely rewire your brain through meditation.” And, “exercise is like Miracle Grow for the brain.”

WceGgDUNlCA8RPHOz66AbHHs4RI12Vqg+OoBRGBrKx2plCphEkAr3aizNSRpuGHkIoDZcS4gLRs3LNNbucM2tzHjr1b6gOv!JK2gG4iMspVQ5iDKyCBWtzAWMsmQ+7PKTo find out what’s fact and what is fantasy, I sat down with today’s guest, Dr. Wendy Suzuki.

Wendy is an award-winning neuroscientist and NYU professor. She runs an acclaimed research lab, teaches classes, and is the author of the new book, Happy Brain Happy LifeShe is obsessed with how our brains either fuel or hold back our best lives.

But as she explains in our conversation, her dogged quest to become a leading researcher and professor came with a cost. She gave up nearly every other part of her life. A few years back, she awakened to her reality and set in motion a series of radical changes in a renewed quest to reclaim her life.

In this week’s conversation, we explore her personal journey, do a bunch of myth-busting and discover how best to optimize our brains for life.

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