Validation Fever | Heart Science.

Asking for honesty, but seeking validation? 

This tends to be the time of year where we look at making changes in everything from fitness and relationships and to careers, locations and beyond. And, the bigger the decision, the more we tend to look to others for advice.

But, all too often, a request for honest input is really a veiled yearning for validation. We’ve already made up our mind, we just want permission, often to do the thing that’d keep us in a box of illusion and complacency. We’re so wrapped up in the quest for validation, we’ve forgotten that real change only happens when we stop seeking validation and start seeking the truth. That’s what we’re talking about in today’s GLP Riff.

Good Life Science: We know exercise is good for your heart, but can it actually “reverse” the damage done by years of inactivity? In our Good Life Science segment, we’re diving into some fascinating new research on a very specific approach to exercise, and how it can reverse a specific and insidious type of damage done to the heart through sedentary living, aka, sitting around and working in a chair all day.

What’s fascinating is this exercise protocol is not only highly effective but also “dose dependent.” Translation, the researchers also learned that while 2-3 times a week doesn’t help a lot, 4-5 times a week makes a huge difference. And, as always, for those who want to go to the source, here’s a link to the full study.


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