My Dad was a Fugitive: A Life on the Run: Tyler Wetherall

Tyler Wetherall didn’t know her dad was a fugitive, until Scotland Yard came knocking. As a child, Wetherall’s family was constantly changing countries and homes. But, to her, that was just “how things were. Life was an exciting adventure, until it all came crashing down and she realized the family had been on the run and the dad she loved so deeply was the one they were after.

Now, a British writer and journalist living in New York, in her memoir, No Way Home, Tyler shares this journey, how she discovered the truth, navigated the fraught relationship with her father and found a new normal. We dive into her life and also the decision to write a book that would reveal her and her family’s secrets and how she created something that was true to her experience, while being respectful of those involved.


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