The Truth About Manifesting | Science, Myths & Practical Steps – Summer Series Pt.1

We’ve all experienced that magical feeling of something we’ve longed for becoming real – a creative project finally coming together, a new relationship blossoming, achieving a health goal we never thought possible.

But have you ever wondered how those seemingly “impossible” things actually happen? What mix of vision, persistence, luck and effort makes dreams into realities?

In this illuminating exploration, we aim at one of today’s most controversial and widely discussed phenomena: manifestation and the law of attraction. You’ll learn surprising historical roots that stretch back centuries across cultures. You’ll discover real psychological and physiological mechanisms that play a crucial role – and what actual research says about goal achievement and motivation.

New possibilities emerge when we understand ourselves and the world more deeply. And through this wide-ranging yet practical discussion, you just may find a new way of thinking about – and actually making – the impossible possible in your own life.

You’ll walk away with a modern, science-backed approach to visualization, goal-setting and psychological strategies that can truly transform your ability to pursue and achieve big dreams. Whether you’re skeptical of “mumbo jumbo” concepts like manifestation or a firm believer in its power, you’ll gain insights and tools to push past what once seemed impossible into powerful and purposeful action.

So join me as we uncover the stories, secrets and science behind how “impossible” dreams actually become our realities – through mixing vision and grit, determination and grace, science and spirit. Let’s embark on a journey into the fascinating yet practical stories of how humans make the impossible possible.

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