The Surprising Science of Hypnosis, Pain & Habit Change | Dr. David Spiegel

Have you ever wondered if your mind contains untapped powers that could change your life? Or, left unchecked, destroy it? Turns out there subconscious scripts that run in our brains, controlling so much of our lives, without us ever realizing what really happening. We try everything to feel better or create lasting change, only to keep failing. Never realizing, until we rewrite the hidden scripts, our reality remains locked into the same patterns, often fueling suffering, for life.

But, what if there was a way to surface, then release and rewrite these scripts? Unlocking, along the way, hidden abilities that let you to conquer chronic pain, anxiety, addictions and more? Turns out, there is, and it’s all about a word that most people dismiss as fakery or some kind of carnival entertainment with no real value. That game-changing solution is therapeutic hypnosis.

My guest today is Dr. David Spiegel, a renowned psychiatrist and hypnotherapist on a mission to untether hypnosis from the realm of carnivals and late-night comedy acts, and reveal its true power to heal. With over 45 years researching, practicing and treating patients with hypnosis, as director of Stanford’s Center on Stress and Health, David knows its transformative potential firsthand. He’s published extensively on hypnosis to treat pain, depression, and anxiety. And now his clinically-backed app Reveri, brings self-hypnosis to anyone with a smartphone.

I have to admit, I was on the fence about this topic before diving in. I held many of the same mistaken beliefs about this powerful healing and potential-releasing modality. But, in our conversation, he pulls back the curtain on the groundbreaking and vast body of research around it, as well as addressing the mythology and mystery surrounding hypnosis. 

Imagine being able to control pain and anxiety with a few simple mental techniques. According to Dr. Spiegel, we all have that power within us. And so much more. Yet misconceptions, misinformation, and fear hold many back from trying hypnosis. He envisions a future where its gentleness and efficacy make hypnosis a first-line treatment for many conditions. Join us for a fascinating discussion on harnessing the mind’s untapped potential to live our best lives.

You can find David at: Website | Reveri app (tap from mobile for 2 weeks free) |  Episode Transcript

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