How to Identify & Heal Your Origin Wound (we all have them) | Vienna Pharaon

Vienna Pharaon

What if you were, unknowingly being controlled by unresolved pain from your past, even minor, or momentary experiences, ones that took root and, from that moment on, without you having any idea, limited everything from your relationships to your health, work, wealth, and life? 

We all encounter unresolved pain from our past, or what my guest today, New York therapist and author of the new book The Origins of You: How Breaking Family Patterns Can Liberate the Way We Live and Love, Vienna Pharaon, calls origin wounds. But most of us don’t realize they’re even there, so we just keep repeating patterns that lead to unhappiness, having no idea what’s really stopping us from feeling more connected and alive. Even if we do recognize them, understanding and dealing with them can be a difficult and intimidating process. 

And, that’s where we’re heading in today’s conversation. Deep into uncovering unresolved pain from the past and how it contributes to maintaining unwanted patterns in our adult lives. And, we also explore why she thinks this is necessary, even if you’re a big fan of more behavioral approaches like CBT. We look at how to examine our reactivity to certain triggers as indicators of unresolved pain and identify the source of behaviors and roles adopted in dysfunctional family systems to make life more tolerable. I love how practical, strategic, and tool-oriented Vienna is in her approach. I opened my eyes to such much, maybe it’ll do the same for you.

You can find Vienna at: Website | Instagram | “What’s Your Origin Wound” quiz

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