The Hug | Part 2

Today, we’re sharing part two of our special series, The Hug. Part one aired last Monday and it feels like we’ve all lived a month in a week. We knew we were about to head into a week like never before in the US and around the world. And we wanted to wrap it, and you, with one big, beautiful, audio hug that reminded us all, people are good, they can be kind, even to total strangers, in ways we never imagined. Underneath it all, we’re all human and worthy of love and dignity.

So, we created a two-part series called The Hug. The goal – to share a collection of heartwarming stories, told by friends of the pod, that share a moment or experience where a little bit of kindness, a little bit of sweetness and, just maybe, a little bit of lightness touched into their lives, and reminded them how good people can be. We were feeling like we all needed a little of that heading into last week, and well, we were kinda right.

Last week, we aired part one of the Hug, with 6 beautiful stories. Today is part 2 next, think of it as the other arm in our audio hug, wrapping us all in the arms of stories that remind us of our shared humanity at a time we need it most. So, sit back and enjoy these stories in part two of The Hug. 

If you haven’t yet listened to Part 1 of The Hug, be sure to download it and listen now. And if these stories have warmed you up, or reconnected you with a sense of shared humanity and possibility, even just a bit, maybe you know someone else who might need to hear them, too. Right now. Especially now. If there were ever episodes we’d love you to share with friends and family, it’s these Hug episodes. We all need stories that remind us of the good side of human beings, more than ever. And, if the stories have moved you and you’d love us to do more episodes like this, let us know on instagram, email or in a review on your fave listening app. Thanks for listening

You can find our storytellers at:

Marsha Shandur: Instagram | Website

Megan Devine: Instagram | Website

Yvonne Ator: Website

IN-Q: Instagram | Website

Jennifer Pastiloff: Instagram | Website

Dan Stones: Wildfire note on Twitter

Erin Moon: Instagram | Website


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