Tami Simon: Turning a Spiritual Quest Into a Wisdom Publishing Giant

tami simon src=Entering college, Tami Simon started asking questions her teachers couldn’t answer. Deeper questions about life and meaning and purpose. Until she found one teacher from Sri Lanka who talked about the world very differently. She eventually dropped out and traveled to Sri Lanka to spend more time with that teacher and his family and begin to create her own path.

Returning home about a year later, Tami weighed 90 pounds, was barely eating, had hepatitis and spoke very little. No less deterred from her quest, she was determined to continue to study and explore until one day guidance literally dropped from the ether…disseminate spiritual wisdom.

That singular purpose set in motion a quest that led to Boulder, Colorado and the “inadvertent” launch of Sounds True, a company that started by producing “real-time” audio tapes of spiritual conference talks and has now grown into the leading multimedia wisdom publishing company in the world.

In this episode, we explore Tami’s moving journey, her organic evolution from seeker to entrepreneur and how she’s developed a dual interest in both. We look at how her devotion to the spiritual side of life has influenced every aspect of the way she’s built her company, it’s culture and products. And we see what happens when that company hits economic and technological disruption and is forced to make a major pivot to not only stay alive, but thrive.

Tami’s story is one of evolution and drive, wrapped in deep spiritual seeking. It serves as a powerful example of the ability to build a substantial company around something “bigger.”

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