Suzy Batiz: Bankruptcy to Poo-Pourri, a Mystical Journey.

At 38, Suzy Batiz was depressed and struggling through her second bankruptcy. A handful of years later, she’d built a $400-million company around bathroom odor, with zero-debt.

But, the journey was anything but traditional. Standing in the eye of the storm, Suzy experienced what she calls “the surprising luxury of losing everything.” She’d lived through poverty, sexual and domestic abuse, depression, multiple bankruptcies and a suicide attempt. Seeking deeper answers, she decided to try something completely different. She turned to a therapeutic ceremony with plant-based medicine, Ayahuasca in particular, as a path to processing and letting go of her past and awakening her sense of possibility and freedom.

While not fun, in fact, she describes the early ceremonies as largely horrific, Suzy began to experience shifts, lightness and freedom she’d been seeking for years. Along the way, a deceptively-simple idea for a new venture dropped. Surprisingly, it was about blending her love of essential oils with entrepreneurship and a simple, near-universal need. This led to the creation of the Poo~Pourri bathroom spray, along with a massively-viral ad campaign and a company that she’s now grown into a behemoth with no debt and complete control.

As we sat down to record this conversation, Suzy was in the process of shifting gears, devoting a portion of her energies toward the launch of a new conscious, plant-based cleaning products venture called Supernatural. And, along with that, she’s become deeply-focused on teaching entrepreneurs the feminine approach to business—how to tune into intuition, turn on your body intelligence and dive into creative energy to achieve a naturally abundant flow state she calls resonance.

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photo credit: Daniel N. Johnson

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