How One Woman Built a Renegade Craft Movement.

IMG_0536How do you go from studying psychology and religion to founding the world’s largest outdoor renegade craft fair, with outposts in nine cities.

This week on Good Life Project, my guest is Susie Daly, the founder of Renegade Craft Fair. Susie’s journey was anything but planned. Through a series of exciting turns, she went from being a crafter herself to becoming an industry entrepreneur and a vehicle for other crafters and makers around the country to turn their hobby, love or interest into a genuine source of connection and income.

In today’s conversation, we dig into the nitty-gritty details of how she started with a simple idea and a willingness to take a risk and built a national movement that is now going international.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How crafting and making is exploding.
  • Why Susie decided to start her company (as an act of rebellion).
  • The big decisions behind how and when to grow.
  • How bootstrapping and a willingness to listen and adapt have guided Susie’s growth.
  • The difference between the terms “crafter” and “maker.”
  • Why Renegade Craft Fair is so different from other “craft outlets.”
  • How Susie has used technology to help her business.
  • The incredible community that Susie has built for crafters.

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