Finding Grace | Samira Rajabi

What if social media and tech could be a powerful ally in the process of recovering from trauma? That’s exactly what today’s guest, Samira Rajabi (@srajabi), discovered. A scholar of digital and social media, trauma and international relations, Rajabi teaches at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her work on personal and mass-scale societal trauma, and how social media and technology can actually be powerful tools for recovering, meaning-making and finding belonging and safety in the aftermath, is truly groundbreaking.

Rajabi’s own experience of being othered early in life left her in search of a clear sense of identity and belonging. But it was a diagnosis of a brain tumor, followed by 10 surgeries, that led her to reexamine nearly every part of her life, values, relationships, choices, how she chooses to experience each moment, and reclaim a sense of grace and acceptance with whatever her life brings.

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