Samantha Hahn: On Illustration and the Art of Success

 src=samantha-postSamantha Hahn was born into a world of color and texture and light.

Now a well-known NYC illustrator and author of the forthcoming book, Well Read Women, Hahn’s story is very different from the “counter-industry” stories, like Ann Rea and Lisa Congdon, we’ve featured on past episodes of Good Life Project.

Those stories shared how to create a vibrant career in the arts by largely working outside the system. By creating radically different paths to success, often initiated later in life.

Hahn, however, took a different approach. Drawn to the arts as a child, she went to school, got her degree, spent time as a “fine artist” and then teaching. But at some point, the system she was working wasn’t working for her any more. Rather that stepping outside, though, she decided to lean into it. Leveraging the system, but bending it to accomodate the way she felt called to build her craft and her career.

well read women

We dive into some really interesting ground in this conversation, including how she broke into the brutally hard to enter world of commercial illustration, publishing and fashion. We talk about the intersection of business and art, why pushing the business side hard and being insanely vision-oriented is one key to success.

We explored how becoming a mom has changed the way she works and creates and lives. And we talk about her forthcoming book, what it’s all about, what inspired her to write and illustrate it…and he she ended up writing a book in the first place.

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