Sadie Lincoln: barre3 Founder on Building a Business and a Life.

Sadie Lincoln had a powerhouse career in a global fitness company, where her husband Chris also worked. But deep down, she knew the company she was helping to grow was no longer aligned with who she was and how she wanted to contribute to the world. Her career in wellness was leaving her unwell.

So, she and Chris decided to quit their jobs, sell their home and move from the San Francisco area to Portland, Oregon, in the name of pursuing a dream. Together, they founded barre3, a whole-health movement studio and community that has now grown to more than 100 locations worldwide.

In today’s episode, we explore Sadie’s journey growing up in an alternative family with her mom and a small group of friends – her “aunties” – who all raised their kids together.  We dive into her love of movement and creativity and teaching, her openness to following serendipity into the world of fitness, and her emerging commitment to helping women cultivate and share their voices.

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