Think Grow Prosper: How Ruben Chavez Turned Struggle Into Success

Facing a tough period in his life, this week’s guest, Ruben Chavez, turned to books to both reconnect with curiosity and rekindle the spark of possibility. As he read, he began to take voracious notes, and write down quotes he connected with. Around the same time, he discovered Instagram. So, he began sharing bite-sized wisdom distilled from his favorite books on his ThinkGrowProsper Instagram account.

People took notice and a community began to form. That community has now grown to more than two million people around the world, and allowed Ruben to build a business and his career around his passion for learning and sharing wisdom, and work with everyone from authors to large brands along the way.

We cover a lot of ground in this conversation as Ruben shares his backstory, his deeper motivation for growth, the steps leading to the popularity of his account, and the opportunities and lessons that came with it. We discuss the reluctance many of us feel when sharing our imperfect, in-progress work with the world — a fear that Ruben debunks by trusting in the compassion and encouragement of community.

Ruben also touches on the importance of considering your desired lifestyle when weighing career opportunities. In his experience, one can live an equally fulfilling life with less than you might think — and sometimes, even more so.

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