Roundtable: Susan Piver & Lodro Rinzler – Part 1

Today’s Good Life Project Roundtable™ features guests-in-residence Susan Piver and Lodro Rinzler. This is session 1 in their three-week residency.

Susan is a New York Times bestselling author, teacher, and founder of the international mindfulness community, The Open Heart Project. Working to create a good human world, one breath at a time.

Lodro is a teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage, the author of five books on meditation, and the founder of M N D F L, a new studio making meditation accessible to all New Yorkers, and the Institute for Compassionate Leadership. They’ll be our guests-in-residence for the next three weeks, so buckle up.

Our three topics in this episode:

  • When women get emotional, do you secretly think they’re crazy?
  • Do we have to love the people we hate?
  • Fame for fame’s sake, what gives?

It’s fast-paced, fun, utterly unscripted and at times a bit raw, but always good-natured and very real. Enjoy! And let us know if you like this format, over on social media.

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