From Bipolar And Suicidal to Living a Good Life: Ross Szabo

Ross Szabo on Good Life Project Radio

“Someone who is stressed out needs mental health as much as someone who has bipolar disorder.”

There are few subjects as delicate as mental disorders and the best way to treat them.

I’m guessing most of us tend to avoid the topic in general, we’re pretty ignorant about what is involved.

Until it affects us or someone we’re close to it.

That’s why I was so interested in learning from today’s guest.

Ross Szabo is living proof that living with a mental disorder, in his case bipolar, does not have to define or isolate you.

Through extreme mood swings, substance-abuse, denial, secrecy and erratic, sometimes harmful behavior and thoughts (as well as see his brother go through the same), Ross eventually found his way back to a dynamic peace with bipolar, and devoted his life to becoming a national advocate for better mental health education.

His story is powerful and raw and he shares an honest look into what it’s like to “feel the tentacles” of your disorder creeping up on you.

We discuss his process of working through self-hatred as an adult after years of coping through alcohol abuse. He shares his viewpoint on the terminology we use around mental illness and we talk about the alarming trend in schools to cut programs like physical education and art (which are key in supporting mental health for kids).

Fundamentally, Ross is about hope and education, building and sharing his curriculum with thousands of schools through his Human Power Project and speaking on the topic globally.

Some questions I ask:

  • Do you remember your first manic episode?
  • What’s the connection between anxiety and bipolar disorder?
  • How did you get into the Peace Corps since you were exposing yourself to change, loss, and lack of sleep?
  • What is it like to feel the tentacles of the disorder coming at you?
  • How do you publicize a brand about mental disorders?

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“I was a functional mess-up.”

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