The Power of Other Voices | Rosanna Durruthy

Growing up between New York City’s South Bronx and Queens in the 1970s, Rosanna Durruthy’s family and home were often the place where everyone gathered, people from all walks of life had a place at the table. And at the earliest age, Rosanna also had a very special quest, to go to Harvard. She would eventually do just that, but weeks after beginning, find herself having to withdraw due to family circumstances, never to return. Still, that didn’t stop her. In the intervening years, Durruthy has built a stunning career as a leader in diversity at giant companies like Cigna, Seagram and Merrill Lynch.

Now, the Head of Global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at LinkedIn, Durruthy works to bring all voices to the table and empower people with a sense of value, inclusion, equality and belonging. While conversation touches on the role of diversity and inclusion at work, what we really go deep into is the power of being open, finding your own voice and power, valuing others and creating a sense of welcoming, compassion and understanding in our lives in the name of making it a richer place to be being a catalyst for change. So excited to share this conversation with you.

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