Queen Bees, Wannabees & Cultures of Dignity | Rosalind Wiseman

Teaching self-defense to young women in her late twenties, Rosalind Wiseman saw a world she never expected; one where girls and young women would destroy each other. Not physically, but emotionally and socially. And, it wasn’t okay with her. So, she stepped in, started to listen – really listen – not to adults, but to the young women, then all kids, and began to build coalitions in an effort to create better ways to be with each other. That eventually led her to write Queen Bees and Wannabees, a book that stormed onto the scene, rattled people to their core and started not just a conversation, but a global movement.

Wiseman has since devoted herself to helping communities shift the way we think about children and teens’ emotional and physical wellbeing. Through her teaching, speaking, curricula which is now taught in schools around the world, and media appearances on relational aggression, ethical leadership, the use of social media, and media literacy, she works with educators, parents, children, and teens to help them navigate the power dynamics that influence their lives and relationships. Seeking to scale the impact of her work to more people, she recently launched Cultures of Dignity, an organization that helps adults in positions of power support the children around them.  But the journey has not been easy. And, we cover the highs, lows and in-betweens in today’s conversation.

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