Petra Kolber: The Perfection Detox

What if you had to live your life in the spotlight. With thousands of people watching not just your every move, but the things you said, the way you looked, the state of your body and life?

And, what if earning your living depended on it?

That’s the place today’s guest, Petra Kolber, found herself in. A renowned teacher, speaker, athlete and spokesperson in the fitness industry for decades, she lived nearly every waking minute in the public’s eye.

It was an extraordinary experience, but it also came with a cost. An obsession with perfection, setting the bar at a level that was persistently emotionally and physically unattainable. And, that led to an inner life that was a very different place than her outer life. Her awakening to this led to a heroine’s journey that’s left her in a very different place, one of renewal, positivity and a willingness to forgive her own humanity.

Moving into a new season in her life, Petra remains “exposed,” but now she’s speaking directly to the issue, and to the near-maniacal and destructive push for perfection that seems to be fueling so much of life today. She has presented in over 30 countries and spoken at TEDx. Her mission is to help others stretch their dreams, kick fear to the curb, strengthen their courage muscle and build a life filled with joy and purpose.

In today’s episode, we dive deep into her remarkable journey.

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Photo credit: Tracy Birdsell

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