Pete Holmes | On Comedy, God, Power, and Life.

Pete Holmes is a comedian, writer, cartoonist, spiritual seeker, and the host of the You Made It Weird podcast. He was the creator-star of the hit HBO show Crashing. From standup comedy to screens, large and small, Pete is constantly examining and commenting on life. You can see this in his performances on stage on screens of all sizes, as well as his latest memoir. Part autobiography, part philosophical inquiry, and part spiritual quest, Pete’s book, Comedy Sex God is a sweeping, raw, funny and illuminating exploration of the deeper meanings of life, love, and comedy.

We dive into the deep end of the pool today, with a no-holds-barred exploration of family, faith, atheism, mysticism, comedy, parenting, love and how they all tie together and inform each other. This conversation was taped during our LA Sessions in Pete’s studio, aka, the garage behind his house.

You can find Pete Holmes at: Website | YouTube

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