Pamela Miles: Reiki, Recovery and Optimal Health

Pamela Miles Reiki Master src=Reiki. It’s become a huge buzz word in the world of medicine. Research now reveals stunning, verifiable health and healing outcomes, from accelerated surgery recovery to reducing key markers for repeat coronary events and improved every day health.

But…what IS Reiki?!

This week’s guest is world-acclaimed Reiki master and author of REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide, Pamela Miles.

In our in-depth conversation, we explore what Reiki really is, how it developed a bit of a “branding” problem and how it’s emerging to become a highly-sought after healing modality that complements Western medicine. We’ll dive into Pamela’s personal journey and learn how her mission to integrate Reiki into modern medical settings, from hospitals to operating rooms has spurred a series of groundbreaking collaborations with major institutions and world-famous physicians and surgeons.

In Pamela’s journey, you’ll discover the power of one person, committed to a vision to make a difference. One life at a time.

Enjoy the conversation. Learn from it. Let it become your window into the world of Reiki.

If you’ve been “Reiki-curious,” take a look at Pamela’s website, it’s a treasure-trove of information.

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With gratitude.


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