Pam Slim On The Power of Community

Pamela-Slim-003-rPam Slim is one of those people.

You know, the ones who see the best in everyone. In everything. In every seeming barrier, she sees the lesson. The good. The opportunity to learn. To grow. To create. To collaborate.

The one whose lens I aspire to embrace, but still find myself failing more often succeeding (someday, lol).

She’s also just an amazing human, dear friend and award-winning author who is in the midst of very cool 21-city Indispensable Community Tour.

And, it just happened that one of the stops on that tour was NYC a/k/a my little town. So before she swept out to the next city, I asked her to jump in and share a special GLP “Guest” Riff about the power of community, especially as it relates to makers and entrepreneurs.

In her short and sweet Guest Riff, she asks a big question:

What if we thought more about serving a community as a community?

Now, of course, the realist in me always kicks in when I hear things like that. Sounds good in theory, I snicker, but can it really happen in the real world?

According to Pam, yes. Sure, we still all need to build our own things. We still need to put food on the table, honor our paths and build what we’re here to build. But in the end, she argues, all ships rise when we start thinking about community not just as a target market, but as a collective solution.

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