Own Not Run | Shannon and Bryan Miles

Bryan and Shannon Miles fell in love when they were young, got married, started a family and each started building their own successful careers. But a series of unexpected experiences led them to re-evaluate what they wanted out of their lives, and the way they wanted to contribute. So they pretty much blew everything up and went out on their own, starting a new venture together with the goal of creating freedom, by building a company that helped others create freedom. Not a bad vision, right?

Their passion is all about empowering small business owners and entrepreneurs to be more efficient as they achieve success in business (and in life). Having now generated more than $100M in revenue as the Co-CEO’s of BELAY SOLUTIONS, a virtual staffing company, they graduated to Co-Chairs where they are stepping into a more educational role, sharing the Own Not Run philosophy that led them to build their own company. I was fascinated by their approach, since it’s always been a large part of my aspiration, too. To build something that truly mattered, while also doing it in a way that put family and flourishing at the center. 

Quick note, too, this conversion, like a few others we’ve recently released, was recorded in our studio in what we’ve now come to know as Before Times. We’d been holding it until it felt like a more accessible conversation, and with so many people now reflecting on how to create their own endeavors or build existing companies in a way that built freedom into the DNA, it felt like the right time to share it.

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Photo credit: Sarah Deragon

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