In the Blink of an Eye | Orlando Bowen

In the blink of an eye, Orlando Bowen’s life would never be the same. One moment, he was celebrating the signing of a new contract to play pro football, the next he was on the ground, being physically attacked by members of law enforcement, and suffering an injury that would end his career and lead to a season of life that would profoundly change him. Even though he was a victim, he found himself charged with a crime that, though eventually exonerated, led so many to abandon him. Bowen was forced to reckon with the injustice of the moment, while scrambling to figure out how to take care of his family. It took years, but, led by a giant heart and commitment to service, he rebuilt his living and life. Now a highly sought-after speaker and the founder and Executive Director of One Voice One Team Youth Leadership Organization, Orlando inspires people to get off the sidelines and become GameChangers in business and life. And, remarkably, 10 years after the incident that would forever change his life, he wrote a public letter of forgiveness to his attackers. We explore this powerful story in today’s conversation.

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