Nicholas Palmquist | Dance, Equity and Access

This conversation is different, it’s actually two conversations recorded four-months apart. Be sure to keep listening after our guest, Nicholas Palmquist, answers what is usually my final question. The dialogue after is powerful.

Palmquist is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer who has toured the world, performed and choreographed for stage, TV, Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, The Tonys, and feature films. Finding his way to NYC, Nicholas focused more on choreography and began teaching packed classes at the iconic Steps on Broadway studios. There, he’d eventually bring cameras into the studio to share the experience with a global community on Instagram, and introduce a sponsorship/patronage model that allowed people from all over the world to sponsor dancers who struggled to afford his class.

Then, the pandemic hit. Everything shut down, including Nicholas’ work. A few weeks in, he found himself, like so many others, awakening to the realities of racial injustice, violence, privilege, and protests. This led to a profoundly personal period of re-examination, along with a commitment to bring himself, his heart, mind, teaching, and sense of service and equality to the world in a very different way. I asked him to convene for a follow-up conversation, which we taped just last week and edited into this episode, so we could tell the fuller story of his evolution. 

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