Nancy Duarte: Building Biz On Joy, Service and Family

 src= src=One of my enduring questions has been whether you can build a substantial, world-class company, movement or body of work, while also staying deeply connected to family, friends and taking care of “life outside the biz.”

It’s an exceptionally difficult thing to do. One I’ve seen few people pull off successfully. So, when I find the people who have, I want to know how.

Nancy Duarte is one of those people. Along with her husband, she’s built Duarte, Inc. into the premier presentation design firm in the world. Remember the amazing graphics from Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth? They helped create them. Over the years, they’ve helped more than 250,000 people, from CEOs to politicians to entrepreneurs, artists, movement-leaders and team leaders tell more compelling visual stories. She’s also authored two groundbreaking books on visual storytelling, Resonate and Slide:ology.

Duarte, Inc. has grown to become the dominating force in the space and one of the largest women-owned companies in Silicon Valley, employing more than 100 members of what Nancy calls the “Duarte Famiglia.” While Nancy and I share a love of the art and science of storytelling and persuasion, what really drew me in was her humanity, her process, her mindset, her view of the world and how to succeed in it.

I wanted to know how she’s been able to build an extraordinary business and at the same time nourish her 31 year marriage, raise 3 connected kids, two dogs and a frog.

In this week’s episode of Good Life Project, we dive deep into Nancy’s extraordinary journey. We learn how she and her husband built the company from their living room table to #1 in the world. We discover how a visionary orientation toward the future has kept the company growing and evolving to always create the curve everyone else follows.

We also zoom the lens out and see how a deep commitment to family, faith and service has served as the foundation for everything. And you’ll even learn Nancy’s two driving verbs in her life, they’ll surprise you big-time, and how she’s turned them on their heads to build something amazing and enduring.

Enjoy the conversation!

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