Mike Dilbeck: Empowering Bystanders To Stand Up

 src=mike_dilbeck-postMike Dilbeck was just going about his business. Producing films and events for various clients, with a heavy emphasis on sororities and fraternities, when he stumbled upon a project that became his obsession.

It was about being a bystander. Standing off to the side and not doing anything when you see something happening that you know just isn’t right. The problem, he discovered, is pervasive and more complicated than you’d imagine.

Why don’t people intervene? Why are you more likely to ignore someone in need if you know there are other people around? What stops good people, from kids to adults, from stepping in and standing up?

Mike’s fascination, I’d learn in our conversation, had much deeper roots in a series of events that traumatized him much earlier in life. His desire to better understand “bystander behavior” and effect change on a larger scale led him to become a leading expert in the field and found the RESPONSE ABILITY Project and the Every|Day Hero Campaign. He now dedicates himself fully to these life-changing initiatives, traveling the world “empowering others to be an every|day hero in their life and not participate in bystander behavior.”

Come along with Mike and I as we explore his extraordinary journey and quest to empower people, especially kids, to rise up and stop just standing by.

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