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Michele Harper

I first heard about my guest today, Michele Harper, when stumbled upon an essay she published earlier this year, entitled When This War is Over, May of Us Will Leave Medicine. It was about the reality of her day-to-day life as an ER doc during the early days of the pandemic. It was a devastating, powerful, deeply human read. That led me to her beautiful and, at times, heartbreaking, yet hopeful New York Times bestselling memoir, The Beauty in Breaking

Graduating from Harvard and the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University, for her entire career, Michele has sought emergency medicine positions in hospitals that serve under-resourced communities, often communities of color. She is not just a devout physician and healer, but also an advocate for dignity, equality and change. The seeds for this path were planted very early in life, though a blend of family trauma and deep personal conviction that has compelled her to not just take care of those in need, but also champion their humanity along the way. 

You can find Michele Harper at: Website | Instagram

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