Melissa Bernstein | Emerging From Shadow

Melissa BernsteinMelissa Bernstein, along with her husband Doug, is the Co-Founder of the legendary toy company Melissa & Doug, which has created over 5,000 children’s products and sold billions of dollars of toys since its inception. Melissa and Doug started the business in their garage in 1988, and they’ve been on a mission ever since to provide open-ended, inventive, non-technologically driven playthings for young children. 

Sounds like a dream life, but throughout Melissa’s remarkable career, she kept secret her lifelong battle with severe, existential depression and anxiety. She spoke about it publicly for the first time on Good Life Project a few years back and that moment became a bit of an inciting incident to come more fully out of the shadows, share her story in a bigger way and begin to devote herself to building community, experiences, and solutions to help others moving through struggle and darkness feel less alone. Among those offerings is her moving new book, LifeLines: An Inspirational Journey from Profound Darkness to Radiant Light, that takes you deep into her story and then takes you along the journey of discovery and creation that would eventually become, an online ecosystem she and Doug are underwriting to support those seeking support, guidance, and community on their mental health journeys. 

Want more of Melissa? You can listen here to our 2018 conversation.

You can find Melissa Bernstein at: Website | Instagram

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