The Way He Measures Success Will Melt Your Heart: Michael Gebben

 src=gebbsgrampaMichael Gebben spent 7 years building a video company that was the envy of everyone in his field.

Until, one day, he woke up to the realization that he’d built a cage of his own making. And given up so much of his life in the name of something that didn’t really mean a whole lot.

So he hit reset, and over the last three years, rebuilt his life and his career around what matters and even launched a new inspirational Youtube channel. He has profoundly changed his metrics for success.

Yes, money matters. But what matters more, he’s discovered, is meaning and service and people. Living and building a path defined by a willingness to act on the fire that burns inside you. To be able to look back without regret at never having tried the thing you were most called to do.

And as you’ll discover in the first few minutes of our conversation, that’s given him the opportunity to do something magical. To start each day walking with his grandpa and get to know him in a way he’d never imagined possible. To share in his grandpa’s stories and wisdom and to help share his own renewed joy for life with his grandpa.

But that’s the the beginning for this aspiring world-changer. Join us for an inspiring story of awakening, action and connection. Topics covered include:

  • The Power of Consistent Actions Over the Long Run
  • How Morning Rituals Cultivate a Happy Workflow
  • Reframing Success Measured by Shared Steps with Grandpa
  • How Repetition and Consistency Creates Real Impact on Behavior Change
  • Becoming Comfortable with the blend between the Day to Day Growth and the “Hockey Stick” Growth

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